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Featured IA: AudioContributor: jdan Audio Instant Answer
Featured IA: RegexContributor: mintsoft Regex Instant Answer
Featured IA: RecipesContributor: bsstoner Recipes Instant Answer
Featured IA: MoviesContributor: killerfish Movies Instant Answer

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The DuckDuckHack Dev Pipeline helps the community view and manage Instant Answers in development.

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Before they go live, Instant Answers are installed on DuckDuckGo's beta server for the community to test.

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For Developers, creating an IA is fun and rewarding. Utilize great data sources to improve search results for the topics you care most about.


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Learn by squashing bugs

Fixing issues is a great way to get involved in the community and contribute while learning. Help improve Instant Answers you like and find inspiration for your own.


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It was my first time contributing to an open source project and I haven't been able to stop since. Keep being awesome, and thanks for inspiring me :) prezjordan on HackerNews
Contributing to an open-source project like DuckDuckGo is a fun and fulfilling experience. Youri Ackx
I had my first ever pull request merged by @duckduckhack. Yay! I helped make the internet a better place! @duckduckgo @duckco Eric Christensen @ecounysis
I think I just found an #opensource community that I want to become a part of Nick Kuchinski @NickUI

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